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CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, for their Grammy Nominated CD,

"Blue Again"

Maui Recording is a comfortable Hawaii recording studio, with a professional recording studio environment, located in George Benson's old place, the historic Lahaina Sound. With an updated control room, a nice assortment of vintage gear and mics ... Neve, API, Telefuken, Neumann, AKG ... along with great modern stuff from Summit Audio, Universal Audio, Urie, JBL, Sony ... and of course ProTools HD3 Accel with a Control 24, custom built into a koa and granite console, running ProTools 8, Leopard and API TDM eqs and comps, a Lexicon 960L on AES/EBU buses ... all available for your project with a veteran engineer, who knows how to drive...where else would you go? In Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii ... Maui Recording is the place to be. Call us, and let's see how we can help you achieve your highest potential.

Here are some of the wonderful people and great talents I've had a chance to work with, record, or who have participated in projects I've been involved in while living here on Maui...
Mick Fleetwood, Amy Hanaiali'i Gillion, Willie Nelson, Keali'i Reichel, Glen Ballard, Alanis Morissette, George Kahumoku, Rick Vito, Sam Ahia, Greg Marsh, Billy Peterson, Norton Buffalo, Pat Simmons for The Doobie Brothers, Erin Smith, Wayne Dyer, Antion Merideth (Vic Briggs of the Animals), Kenichi Takahashi, Oren Masserman, Junior Siqueira, Erik Pietsch, the "Whaleshark", Ricky Peterson, Vince Esquire, Bob Harrison, Charlie Longhi, Ian Hollingsworth, Shiro Mori, David Choy, Fulton Tushombi, Steve Laury, John Z, Lenny Costellonos, Mike Buono, Kelly Covington, Willie Wainwright, Middle John, John Moritano, Paul Marchetti, Bryan Cuomo, Billy Franzee, Bruce McCabe, Mark Licktieg, Bobby Vandell, Kenny Horst, Peter Schimki, Esera Tuaolo, Billy Corrothers, Paul Peterson, David Hazeltine, Bob Malach, Jim Rotunde'e, Leo Sidren, Lucien Kouassi, Joshua Greenbaum, Deon Estez, Quincy McCrary, Nara Boone, Chantelle Feig, Jeremy Yeremian, Steve Monroe, Suntana Villanueva, Joel Shankar, Howard Ahia, Brado, Crazy Fingers, Bruce Beckvar, MTV, Steve Grimes, Harv Eker, The AECG, Jack Johnson, Emil Richards, The Maui Jazz Society, Chris Pan, Mike Carroll, Rene' Alonso, Farzad Azad, Rob Walley, Phyllis Riso, Willie K, Eric Gilliom, Renato Gauscani, Mark Johnstone, Lenny Castellanos, Dennis Mays, The Island Rumors Band, The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band

CONGRADULATIONS!!! to the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, for their Grammy Nominated CD, Blue Again.

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